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M Capital is a wealth management firm that provides proprietary investment management for charitable organizations, foundations, closely-held businesses, high net worth families and entrepreneurs. We believe the customized approach, sophisticated asset management tools and transparent fee-only business model at M Capital allows clients to develop a deep, trusted relationship that may last decades and over multiple generations.

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Case Studies
William M. Malloy, Jr.

We began our work with Mr. Malloy by utilizing our proprietary asset allocation for non-profit organizations. In building his portfolio, we chose from our daily inventory of over 30,000 bond issues.
See his success story.

Mark Avent

As CEO, Mark needed investment management of his company's excess capital and access to its investments. We guided him to a success that includes the difficult recession in 2008 and 2009.
Read the case study.

Russ Cobb

Fifteen years ago, Russ Cobb and his partners sought our help as their newly formed company went through explosive growth and eventually a buyout. We implemented various financial incentives and invested monies for a number of objectives, including potential lifetime income.
See his success story.

Betsy Tetsch and Reverend Phil Thrailkill

Betsy and Phil came to us for help in consolidating their assets and to map out a financial plan. With the help of our tax and estate planning teams, trusts were created to protect their assets for future generations.
Read the case study.

Small company - big advantage.

Our strategies are powered by some of the most advanced technology in wealth management – all with robust, cyber-security protocols.

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